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The SAVAGE Digital Torpedo Level is very easy to use. The digital level doesn’t rely on the user to determine if a bubble is accurately between two lines, and it has an Audio alert when it achieves level or plumb. The digital level is the most accurate on the market with a .029° accuracy. It is nearly 3X more accurate than the most accurate spirit levels on the market. Other features include an automatic shut off after continual non-use, so it does not to waste battery power. Also, if turned upside down, the screen will automatically adjust so you can read it without any problems.
Using a digital level is common in the concrete industry where a high level of accuracy is a must, and where pitch is exact.

  • Brightview® Vial Surrounds

  • Audible Tones

  • Green Backlight

  • 3 Modes

  • 90° & 0° Vials

  • Precision Machined

  • 4 Strong Neodymium V-Grooved Magnets

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